200 Hours Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training Course

Aditattva welcomes all seekers and practitioners of yoga to join our immersive and intensive Yoga Alliance accredited 200 Hours yoga teacher training course in rishikesh. We teach yoga in its purest and traditional form. Our 200 Hours yoga teacher training course in rishikesh has in-depth study on the topics of Hatha, Kundalini and Classical Yoga Philospohy of Patanjali.

The syllabus crafted for 200 hours TTC is stimulating and it not only helps you understand the subject of yoga intellectually but we intend to incorporate the principles of yogic philosophy in class teaching which eventually help both teacher and students to evolve at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

There are sessions dedicated in the course to enable an aspirant to understand the nuances of class teachings based on yogic principles and our discussions on philosophical topics will help streamline the approach and experiences of yogic practices in the class.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh; Key Features

Balanced blend of modules on both Hatha yoga and Meditation Techniques

Meditation forms an integral and most important stage of yogic journey. The entire focus of classic teaching of Patanjali is to reach the state of consciousness free from fluctuations and dissipations as it is mentioned in the second verse of Patanjali Yoga Sutra which also outlines the intended goal of yoga:

yogash chitta vritti nirodhah ||2||

Yoga is the cessation of all fluctuations (Vritti) of consciousness.

yoga teacher training course in rishikeshAt Aditattva we teach a diverse range of meditation techniques sourced from authentic systems and branches of yoga. All these techniques of meditation such as Yoga Nidra, Antar Mouna, Ajapa Japa, Hridyakasha Dharana etc. are pratyahara and dharana techniques; which systematically help to discipline and harmonize our mental and emotional energies.

Apart from these meditations there is equal focus on harnessing physical as well as pranic energies through intense sessions of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga sessions. Every day there will be three and half hours of sessions dedicated to these two streams of physical-energetic disciplines.

This 200 hour course is one of the most balanced and intensive Yoga Teacher’s Training Programs in Rishikesh; which helps one not only to become a complete teacher professionally but also a refined and evolved being on personal and spiritual levels.


Our Approach in yoga teacher training course in rishikesh

We teach yoga in its most integral form based on the philosophies of traditional Hatha, Raja, Kundalini and Kriya Yogas. The orientation of classes is not only to teach the techniques but facilitate an environment within the aspirants to unleash spiritual potential following the path of self awakening and mindfulness.

Living yoga

We believe is not just a set of practices and techniques rather it is a life-style. Therefore daily itinerary at Aditattva is very close to living in an ashram which is based on the principles of yogic life-style. If one wants to experience and understand the basic tenets of yogic knowledge and process then we believe one should live in an environment which facilitates this process. A simple living based on disciplined daily schedule; simple yet balanced nourishing vegetarian food cooked on the principles of Ayurveda and company of like-minded aspirants help expedite the process of growth and deepening the understanding in yogic journey.

Why choose us

At Aditattva  we have established and streamlined our teaching which is based purely on classical and authentic systems of yoga. As yoga taught at most of the centre all over the world is based on the teachings of physical discipline. But they overlook the essential aim of yoga which is not just to nurture physical body and hence the ego of the practitioners rather nurturing the all the different facets of human functioning i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our teaching is based on nurturing different realms of human experiences through the disciplines of asana (Posture), shatkriyas (Cleansing techniques of hatha yoga), discourses and discussions on philosophical dimensions of yoga, teaching of time proven meditations techniques such as  Yoga Nidra (A technique of guided yogic relaxation), Antar Mouna (A technique on Mindfulness of Thoughts), Ajapa Japa (Awareness of spontaneous repetition of mantra), Chakra Shuddhi (A technique of chakra cleansing) and Hridyakasha Dharana (Meditation to harmonize the heart space). Apart from our yoga teacher training course in rishikesh, we do offer 10 Day Yoga, meditation and Kundalini Yoga retreat programs on regular basis.

Accommodation: We offer simple, hygienic and ventilated single and double rooms with attached shower, basin and western toilets.

Our campus is Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to stay connected with your family and loved ones.

Meals: We believe in facilitating an environment which is conducive to yogic learning and growth. Food served at our centre is simple, yogic, hygienic, vegetarian and nutritious. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with yogic herbal beverages.

Excursions: There will be River rafting, visit to the Himalayan Yogi cave (Vashistha Gufa) and trek to Kunjapuri temple in Himalayan range on weekends.

Apart from these excursions one ayurvedic massage will be given to each practitioner during his/her stay in the course.

Course Fee: The total cost of 200 Hours TTC is $1500, which includes food and accommodation. Along with the teaching, we offer Himalayan sightseeing trip, Rafting in the Ganges, Ganga Aarti (An invocation ritual of sacred energies of river Ganges) and visit to the caves of ancient sages in Rishikesh where the sages have attained the enlightenment.

There is $100 early bird discount for those who book the seat 2 months prior to the course.